Make edits on-the-go with Pushpin, a mobile editor for OpenStreetMap data.

Pushpin is an app for editing and contributing data in OpenStreetMap, the free world map. Use your OSM account to make edits with Pushpin. It's designed for contributing points of interest to OSM; places like restaurants, clinics, bars, train stations, bus stops, banks, and hotels... and even amenities like bicycle parking racks, public restrooms, or post boxes.

  • Browse or search POI types in a logical naming system, without having to know the specific tag names
  • Add points of interest in your current location, or manually place them on the map
  • Fetch existing points from OpenStreetMap to edit or reposition
  • Autofill address data from other nearby data, to save time in typing address information
  • Built in search to find other locations to edit
  • Use aerial imagery or standard OSM map tiles for reference
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